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UX/UI Design.Why Every Business Needs It, Including Yours.

Today’s large influx of tech companies have caused many new design roles to emerge. Two of those roles include UX Developers and UI Designers. Large businesses everywhere have brought in profession UX/UI companies in to help create magic for their business – and that’s a big reason why they’ve become so successful, truthfully. But, what…
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Why Micro Influencers Will Benefit Your Business More Than You Think

Followers don’t matter anymore. Engagement does.    Social media influencers have changed the way companies market their product. When you think of an online influencer who do you think of? Insta-celeberties we follow on Instagram with 3-4 million followers, right? Well, truth be told, businesses have realized that if they want an influencer to help…
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The Psychology of Color

Color plays a much bigger role in influencing what we purchase than we think. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing the colors of ads, banners, call-to-action buttons, etc….and there’s a reason for that! HubSpot, for example, did a color test for their CTA button and found a red CTA button outperformed a standard green…
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Buying Likes On Social Media. Good or Bad?

Why do people buy fake likes? Everyone with a social media account, both personal and professional, understand how difficult it can be to grow an organic following fast. In a world where “likes” are counted like currency, it is very tempting for small businesses to buy fake likes, followers, views, etc. These days, it’s very…
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