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Business Cards


The average cost spent for business cards is $194. The cost of business cards depends not only on the quality and complexity of the card itself but also who makes the cards. For example, Vista Print offers 250 free cards to new customers. However, you are only able to select a design from a few templates. On the other hand, hiring an independent designer to create and print custom designed cards can cost up to $500.

Get 1000 business cards, specifically designed for YOUR business starting at just $19!

Cobalt Media guarantees quality. Our design team has extensive knowledge in a variety of mediums and have produced a multitude of different cards for clients.

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*$19 price only includes standard sizing and print settings, any extra features or special requests may incur an additional cost. If you want to feature a logo on your cards you must have a high-quality version to send to us, logo redesign will require additional pricing*

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