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Category: Graphic Design

Terms Every Graphic Designer Needs to Know

Graphic design has a never-ending index of sub-segments and shortcuts. Even professional graphic designers have yet to learn them all. Which ones are ‘need to know’ terms, and which ones aren’t necessarily crucial to the design process? We’ve laid out the top 5 terms you should know as a graphic designer. Enjoy! FPO (For Placement…
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UX/UI Design.Why Every Business Needs It, Including Yours.

Today’s large influx of tech companies have caused many new design roles to emerge. Two of those roles include UX Developers and UI Designers. Large businesses everywhere have brought in profession UX/UI companies to help create magic for their business, which is a big reason as to why they’ve become so successful. But, what about…
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The Psychology of Color

Color plays a much bigger role in influencing what we purchase than we think. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing the colors of ads, banners, call-to-action-buttons, etc… and there’s a reason for that! HubSpot, for example, did a color test for its CTA button and found a red CTA button outperformed a standard green…
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